Spain – Morocco

The Berlin Wall of Water…The Spanish enclaves Ceuta and Melilla in Morocco form the only borders between Africa and the European Union. The small coastal cities are the target for thousands of immigrants looking for a better life in Europe and who do not dare to take on the dangerous journey across the Mediterranean sea. Even in March this year over a thousand people stormed the fencing in Melilla. Half of them successfully entered. The Moroccan authorities that in the neighbouring areas of the enclaves more than 30,000 refugees are waiting for the right moment to climb the wall. In 2005 in Ceuta, the 8.4 km long wall was raised from 3 metres to 6 with barbed wire. This came as a result of the killings on the 25th of September, where immigrants that intended to climb the wall were attacked from the Spanish side with rubber bullets and from the Moroccan side with deadly bullets. Dozens of people were found dead and many more injured. In May this year the Moroccan authorities – who incidentally do not recognise the settlements to be Spanish territory – started building a five metre high wall with sharp points. The alternative, the journey across the Mediterranean sea, is now called the ‘Berlin Wall of Water’ surrounding ‘Fortress Europe’, and since 1988 has cost the lives of almost 20,000 people.