morocco-western sahara

Marocco – W’ Sahara

The Berm…The border between the Western Sahara and Morocco is a serie of eight defensive walls built in 1981-1987. King Hassan of Morocco built the fortifications to protect his people from the ‘Polisario Front’, a political movement in the former Spanish colony that fights for independence of the Western-Sahara since 1973. Only the Great Wall of China and the recent border wall around Bangladesh are longer than the 2720 kilometer long wall in the Sahara. However, the wall is not built from stone, but consists of military fields with bunkers, ditches, piles of rocks, sand and barbed wire and is surrounded by minefields. Almost 200.000 Moroccan soldiers and volunteers guard the border. Sometimes the Berm does open up, as on this picture taken in 2001, to allow the Paris-Dakar race to pass.