2008 Russia - Georgia


The Berlin wall of the countryside.

In 2008, Georgia lost a short land war with Russia. The conflict was about the declaration of independence of former province of South Ossetia. The short war claimed 400 lives and displaced 133,000 from their homes. Russia, who bases their large army in South Ossetia, has changed the border between South Ossetia and Georgia since 1984, when Georgia was a part of the Soviet Union. The borders are in fact closed and people who attempt to pass through are arrested. Still there is a lot of movement over the border that goes through communities and farmland. Moreover, South Ossetians cross the border for school, work, healthcare and to visit family. In 2011 Russia started to build fencing at several places along the 400 kilometre border. Some of the fences have movement sensors and stand in part up to 11 kilometres from the original border on Georgian ground. In Georgia the wall is already being called ‘The Rural Berlin Wall’.