The Berlin wall of the countryside. In 2008, Georgia lost a short land war with Russia. The conflict was about the declaration of independence of former province of South Ossetia. The short war claimed 400 lives and displaced 133,000 from their homes. Russia, who bases their large army in South Ossetia, has changed the border

China–North Korea

The 250 kilometre long and 4 kilometre wide wall, a military zone between North and South Korea, is famous for being the most militarised border in the world. As no people are allowed near it, an unintended side effect of the zone is that right now it is the best protected nature reserve in temperate

United States–Mexico

The Tortilla Wall In 2006 the United States started building a wall more than 1100 kilometres long, as well as fencing along the 3169 kilometre long border of Mexico. The Secure fence Act was a reaction to problems relating to illegal immigrants, drug trafficking and their alleged connection to terrorist organisations. Until now the project